3 Reasons Why You Need To Use A Filter For Your Ice Maker

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We often forget that water quality can affect the taste of the ice. A filter certainly helps control water quality. Filters are also essential for keeping the ice maker machine clean.

No. You do not need a filter for your ice makers. Still, they are among the top recommended items if you want the machine to provide the best possible ice.

Most refrigerators come with a preinstalled replaceable filter. The best Portable countertop ice makers and undercounter ice makers have filters built-in as well. Here are some benefits you get by using a filter in your ice maker.

Enhances Water & Ice Quality By Removing Contaminants

  • A lot of people recommend getting a filter if you have hard water because it will ensure you don’t get ice that tastes like metal when it melts in your mouth.
  • A filter is necessary if your water contains lead or arsenic, or if it has any other contaminants that can seep into the ice maker and then into your ice cubes.
  • Cleaning your ice maker regularly is important, but there will always be contaminants seeping in. Getting a filter for your ice maker not only improves the overall quality of ice and reduces maintenance but it also reduces cleaning, and repair costs.

Decreases Maintenance & Replacement Needs

  • If you have an ice maker, then you should also have an ice maker filter. The primary function of the filter is to trap impurities before they can clog the ice maker.
  • These impurities will eventually deteriorate your ice machine’s system and lead to expensive repairs, replacements, and maintenance costs. Having a filter prevents this from happening and saves you money in repairs and maintenance fees!
  • Even with an ice maker filter, these impurities will accumulate and be pushed into the machine by the water pressure. So, it’s always a good idea to change the filter every 3 to 6 months.

Helps Your Machine Make Better Ice

If grime and rust can affect the quality of your ice, imagine what else might contaminate your ice maker.

Drinking water with mineral buildup can lead to unpleasant tastes or odors coming from your ice, not to mention more routine maintenance on your appliances. What’s more, hard water can create limescale and mold inside your machine, which will eventually result in some unsanitary conditions.


Ice makers do not require a filter to produce ice. Still, they help you make better ice and increase the overall durability of your ice machine.

You might opt not to use a filter for the ice maker in your home. But suppose you’re using one in a restaurant or other commercial setting? There may be local laws that require you to use a filter.

In any case, using a filter improves the taste and quality of the ice that your machine makes, helps to keep your machine cleaner and running more efficiently.


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