Euhomy Ice Maker Troubleshooting

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Do you need to reset your Euhomy ice maker? Learn how to reset your ice maker and how to troubleshoot other common problems in our Euhomy ice maker troubleshooting guide!

How To Reset Euhomy Ice Maker?

A reset is the first thing you can try when troubleshooting your Euhomy ice maker. To reset Euhomy ice makers, follow the instructions below:

  • Disconnect the power source from your Euhomy ice machine.
  • Completely drain the water reservoir. Open the lid and empty the ice basket.
  • With a soft cloth, clean the metal tubes.
  • Close the lid on the ice maker.
  • Reconnect the ice maker to the power source.
  • Turn the machine ON.
  • Press and hold the ice maker’s power button for 10-12 seconds.
  • Set it aside for the next 30 minutes to rest.

What To Do When Euhomy Ice Maker Not Turning ON?

Your Euhomy ice maker may not turn on for several reasons. For example, there could be a faulty power supply, cord, or socket.

When your ice maker does not turn on, inspect the power supply. Is the switch turned on? Is it faulty? You can plug other appliances into the socket to make sure that the power supply works.

Another thing to check is the power cord. Check for wear and tear. If there are signs of damage, try replacing your ice maker’s power supply cord.

Why Is My Euhomy Ice Maker Not Making Ice?

Euhomy Ice Maker

If your Euhomy ice maker is ON and not making Ice, there are several reasons why this might happen. For example, the ice basket is full, the water reservoir is empty, or there is a frozen or clogged water supply line.

When Euhomy ice maker not making Ice is your problem, do the following:

Check to see that the Euhomy is on. If it is on and not making ice, make sure that the ice container is not filled. If the container is filled, remove some of the ice. You can transfer it to your freezer, for example.

Is there enough water in the Euhomy reservoir? If the reservoir is empty, you need to fill it up. This is also a good opportunity to clean your ice maker in case the issue is a clogged water line. For Euhomy, read, How To Clean Euhomy Ice Maker.

How To Fix Faulty Euhomy Ice Maker Sensor?

My Ice Maker Says Ice Full,” but there’s no ice. This happens when there is a problem with the sensor switch. If you’re comfortable replacing the defective sensor, you can purchase a replacement on Amazon and watch this video to DIY.

What To Do When Euhomy Doesn’t Eject Ice?

Once there is corrosion, scale, or debris present in the tubes, the ice maker will not eject ice. To clear the tubes of debris and other hindrances, use warm lemon water and vinegar to flush the tubes. This solution gets rid of debris and allows for better water, air, and ice flow.

The Bottom Line

You can fix your Euhomy ice maker on your own. Sometimes all it takes is a quick reset to resolve most issues. Whether it’s not making Ice, a faulty sensor, or it not turning on, you now know how to troubleshoot your Euhomy countertop ice maker. If something is not covered, you can refer to the Euhomy ice maker manual for more instructions.

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13 thoughts on “Euhomy Ice Maker Troubleshooting”

  1. My ice maker makes nice cubes, but when I dump them into an ice bin, they solidify into a block. How do I make sure they are really frozen solid before putting them into the freezer?

    • Euhomy ice makers usually take 13 minutes to make ice. However, if your ice is not frozen by 13 minutes, try waiting for 20 minutes to ensure they are frozen. Although, I’d return the ice maker if it didn’t live up to what it claims, ice in 13 minutes. Check out some other options if you like, Best Ice Makers: Reviews & Buying Guide

  2. I have a Euhomy Ice Maker. Mold has built up where the ice forms around the tubes where the ice is made. How do you clean it? There are no lid there to open it up to clean properly.
    Please help me…I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. I have a Euhomy Ice Maker I had a red fungus/mold problem in the machine and I was cleaning it weekly to keep it at bay. I did some quick research and found that many restaurants use white vinegar to clean the machine I put about a half gallon in and let the machine run for an hour. After that all the fungus/mold was gone and stayed away for a month. The problem I now have is the cubes don’t release and it will turn into a big block of ice. I believe that the vinegar may have etched the cube tray. Is there a spray or solution to this problem?

  4. I have a euhomy ice maker and it makes ice till the tank is empty… when I add water to the maker it won’t make ice even if I do a reset and it won’t make more and I was wondering If anyone may know what’s going on I did a good cleaning of the tube system and all but I plugged it back in and then it makes a tank of ice but then doesn’t do anything after…. I need help fixing it bc I’m not about to spend another 200 for a new one… thanks

      • It’s not the ambient or water temp. It will make 2-3 small half cubes the first cycle after restart and then nothing.

        • The ice maker can produce some ice, which means that the compressor and pump are working, but the water outlet may be clogged. Please use purified water to make ice instead of tap water to reduce the minerals in the water, which can reduce the chance of clogging. Please try cleaning your ice machine.

  5. I’ve had mine for about a year and one month. This morning I found it was not making ice. When I turn it on the water tray does not move and it it doesn’t fill with water. If I hold the power button the L and S buttons alternate blinking. What could this mean?


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