Insignia Ice Maker Troubleshooting

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Dealing with an ice maker problem is already a nightmarish situation. But it becomes more frustrating during summer – when almost everything sizzles under the scorching sun. Imagine returning from a run only to find no ice for your breakfast smoothie.

Insignia products are famous globally due to their premium quality, and so is the brand’s ice maker. But going through the occasional wear and tear is every appliance’s rite of passage. Your Insignia ice maker can also go out of order anytime, anywhere, leaving you without ice!

An out-of-order ice maker means a camping trip gone wrong, a party without the endless supply of chilled drinks, and a hot summer day without respite.

Insignia Ice Maker Not Making Ice

Your ice maker could not be producing ice for multiple reasons. The issue may arise from anywhere, from its ejector gear to its water inlet valve.

What can you do if your Insignia ice maker is not making ice? Fixing an ice maker is surprisingly easy, and you’ll have to follow a few steps:

The Ice Maker Is Not Plugged

One reason for an Insignia ice maker not making ice is that it needs to be plugged in correctly. Checking the plug should come first, even before you announce that your ice maker has a problem. This problem may become a regular occurrence if your household has small children or pets who habitually loosen the plugs around the house.

If the plug is tightly fit in the socket, the next thing is to check the settings of the ice maker. There is also a chance that someone may have turned off the ice maker digitally, stopping the appliance from making ice. Press the power button on the digital panel to rule this out.

The Ice Maker Has a Worn-Out Ejector Gear

The ice maker has different components that work together well to make ice. However, the ice maker may need help making ice if some components are worn out. One way of fixing the problem of Insignia’s ice maker, ice is by checking its ejector gear.

There are two such gears that help the crisp, well-formed ice to come out of the ice mold. If any one of these has cracks or missing teeth, you must replace them. Doing so will help your ice maker function smoothly.

Important Tip: When checking the gear, turn off the ice maker to prevent electric shocks. If you’re not confident about handling the appliance’s circuit board, it’s best to take it to a professional and let them fix it. 

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Insignia Ice Maker Not Making Ice Due to an Out-of-Order Thermostat

Ice makers come with a built-in thermostat that sends signals to the appliance’s heating element, letting it know to warm the ice cube’s edges so that it can easily slide down into the storage bin. A broken thermostat will not alert the heating element timely, leading to no ice in the ice tray. Get the thermostat replaced urgently.

The Ice Maker Has the ‘Ice Full’ Light On

This confusing issue arises when the ice maker’s display has the ice full light on. It will frustrate you even more when you see the empty storage bin. This problem occurs due to the sensors’ malfunctioning. The two sensors inside the ice maker (above the storage bin) are across each other.

A light beam passes between them. They assume it to be an ice cube when there’s any barrier between them. They signal the Ice Full light to turn on, indicating the bin is full. When the sensors are malfunctioning, they keep sending incorrect signals.

To resolve this issue, hold the Reset button for 10 seconds and refill the water. The ice maker will start working now. If this fails, get help from a professional. Another hack requires tweaks in the circuit board, which is not recommended.

High Temperatures Are Affecting the Ice Maker

Ice makers require certain amounts of room and water temperatures to function properly. If either of these temperatures is too high, it will create problems. You must ensure the room temperature is between 50 and 105 degrees F. Similarly, the water temperature should be 40-90 degrees F.

The Ice Maker Has Run Out of Water

Imagine waiting for the ice maker to churn out ice only to find that you missed the first step – adding water to the ice maker. If that’s the case, turn the appliance off and fill the water to the MAX label inside the machine.

The Ice Maker Is Making Ice, but the Cubes Are Stuck Together

If the ice-making cycle is too long, it will make the ice cubes stick to each other. And how does it create problems? Scooping out the cubes becomes difficult. The best way to fix it is to turn off the ice maker and let the ice melt. Now restart the appliance and choose the ‘small’ option for a shorter ice-making cycle.

The Ice Maker “Keeps” Making Ice 

Besides the problem of Insignia ice maker not making ice, there is another issue that most people face: the ice maker keeps making ice. This happens due to environmental factors. If the ice maker is on the countertop, which receives direct sunlight, the device may malfunction. Place the ice maker in a place with no direct sunlight (any darker location will work).

The Final Word

Seeing your ice maker out of order is nothing less than traumatic. But once you identify the underlying issues leading to Insignia ice maker not making ice, you can fix them easily. The easy fixes mentioned in this guide allow you to have a supply of crisp ice cubes without any disruptions.

Insignia products require minimum care and work well. However, if the problem persists, you can contact the company, and their customer representative will contact you.

Whether you get your ice maker checked or fix it yourself, the bottom line is you should have an abundance of ice available at your home – especially true if you have a home bar to maintain.

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