AGLUCKY Portable Ice Maker Troubleshooting

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The AGLUCKY portable ice maker is a very useful appliance for quickly making ice. However, many people use it but do not fully know its working and functions. This is why we face some problems while making ice. We must understand the portable ice maker‘s different features and functions. 

In case your Aglucky portable ice maker not making ice, there can be several reasons behind this. You should know about these reasons; sometimes, minor reasons can also cause problems in making ice. So it’s better to know about these timely and find the solutions accordingly.

Power to the AGLUCKY portable ice maker

One of the most basic things to consider when the ice is not producing is to check that the power cord is correctly plugged in. Just make sure that the plugged-in power cord is switched on. If it is on and still not working, try to plug it into a different outlet.

Also, check the lights located on the device which works as an indicator. If, after resetting the outlet, the problem still exists, then the reason may be different for this.

Water level

For making ice, water is needed to a particular level. If you pour less water into the ice maker, the ice cannot be produced. Ensure that the water level is proper, and the water should be filled to a water line, reservoir, or indicator.

In case the water level is optimal and your ice maker is still not making ice, then there could be other reasons.

Water temperature

The temperature of the water is one of the main factors that must be considered during ice-making. You should keep in mind that the temperature of the water is optimal.

Using too hot water in the ice maker will take more time to make ice cubes or would not make any ice at all. So make sure you use cold water, or it should be at room temperature. This would help make the ice more quickly. 

Other temperature issues

Along with the temperature of the water, the ice maker’s temperature or air temperature also plays an important role in ice making. Firstly if the ice maker temperature is inaccurate, then there is a problem in making ice.

Even if your ice is made, if the ice maker’s temperature is not optimum, this will melt ice more quickly. So make sure to keep a check on the ice maker temperature also.

The ice maker is full

The ice makers come up with sensors that indicate when the bucket is full of ice cubes. The portable ice maker does not produce more ice cubes when this bucket is full. You have to remove the made ice cubes before the new ice cube starts making. If the sensors are damaged, then not much ice will be made, so keep a check on this sensor.

Other problems

Along with all the reasons mentioned above, there could also be other reasons. If you don’t find any of the above reasons for the failure of ice making, check other problems. Sometimes minor problems can also cause hindrances in producing ice. 

Ice maker filter issue

The portable ice maker has a water filter fitted inside, which is very important in making ice. So you need to check that this filter might be dirty or clogged due to the problem. So just clean the filter with hot water and fit it into the ice maker. 

Drain on plug

A plugged drain exists in the ice maker, which helps store the water. If this component is not installed correctly or is open, water will be drained out. As a result, there will be no water, so no ice cubes can be made. So just try to fix this component, and your problem may be solved if this is the problem.

Vent fan issue

Check the vent fan if your Aglucky portable ice maker not making ice. This vent fan is made to blow out the ice maker’s hot air. Make sure that this fan is not clogged and that the hot air passes without any hindrance. If the blockage exists, then it is not able to make ice.

The display is not working.

If there is a display panel in the portable ice maker and this is not working, then try resetting your ice maker. First, unplug it for almost 5 minutes and plug it on again. After that, check again if it’s responding or not; if not, then there is another problem.

Clogging of the water line

There is a water line in the ice maker which helps in taking the water to the water tank or reservoir. Sometimes this water or reservoir line is blocked, which hinders the water from moving to the dispenser.

Just unplug the ice maker and keep out the water line. Clean this with hot water and remove any clog that ice present in it. Put it back once done with the cleaning activity and check it again.

How to troubleshoot the ice maker?

Here we go.

The power light not switching on.

  • In this case, if the ice maker is not plugged in, then plug it into the outlet. 
  • There could be chances that the circuit is tripped; you can try to replace the fuse.
  • If a single circuit is surrounded by many items, then move some of them to another outlet.

The ice basket light turned on.

  • In case the basket of ice storage is full, try to remove some ice from the basket.
  •  When the temperature goes down from 5 degrees C, move the ice maker to a high-temperature place. 

The water indicator is turned on.

  • When you find out that the water indicator light is turned on, then this reflects that the reservoir or water tank is empty. 
  • Add some clean water to it, and in case the supply system gets damaged, then call the service center for further instructions.

The ice basket light is on.

  • If the ice basket light and water indicator light are on, then this may show that the ice-making area is blocked.
  •  Just check the blockage area and clean it if you find it clogged from any content.

Poor performance 

  • If your portable ice maker is giving a bad ice-making performance, then this can be because of the blocked air outlet. Just clean the air outlet with a damp cloth.
  • Another reason for poor performance can be that the water temperature and other temperatures are high. To resolve this, fill the tank with cold water.
  • The leaking of the refrigerating system can also cause poor performance of the ice maker. So make sure to repair any kind of leakages.

Ice maker is noisy

  • If the portable ice maker is making any noise, then this can be possible because of the damaged fan.
  •  For repairing this just call the manufacturer or customer care.

The portable ice maker comes up with various features and functions which are required to be known properly. You can use it at its best only when you know about these functions. This will further help you in resolving the issues if any occur. So make sure that you have knowledge of its functions and its some of the basic issues.

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2 thoughts on “AGLUCKY Portable Ice Maker Troubleshooting”

  1. My ag lucky ice maker is saying ice full when it is empty n it has perfect amount of water right temperature not too full n not too little n it just won’t make ice please help!!!

    • 1) Check the ice maker’s temperature to ensure it is at the optimum level for making ice. If the temperature is too high, it can cause ice to melt more quickly and trigger the “ice full” sensor even when the bin is empty.
      2) If the temperature is not the issue, there may be a problem with the feeler arm that detects when the ice bin is full. Gently brush away any ice that may be sticking to the feeler arm, and then try pushing it down gently.
      3) If none of the above solutions work, there may be a problem with a malfunctioning part such as the compressor or evaporator. Check the water supply and filter, and diagnose any issues with the appliance using a multimeter.


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