What Is The Best Size Ice Cube For Whiskey?

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The ice starts melting when it comes in contact with whiskey because most whiskeys are stored at room temperature. Storing at room temperature means it remains normal than cold. So if you want to enjoy a chilling whiskey drink, then an ice cube can help to achieve that goal.  

Most whiskey drinkers may want to find the answer to the question, what is the best size ice cube for whiskey? But, if you are too thinking about it, then no need to think about it more. Most people agree that the size of an ice cube determines how quickly it will melt. And also vary on how long it will keep your drink cold. 

The best size of an ice cube for whiskey will depend largely on the type and quality of your whiskey. First, one must understand that the ice doesn’t chill your whiskey. But the frigid water chills your drink because it melts, which comes off the ice. Some known and best-size ice cubes for whiskey are shared below.

7 Best Size Ice Cubes For Whiskey

1X1 Inch Standard Ice Cube 

This is the most common and traditional type of whiskey ice cube. Many people use standard ice cubes because they melt slowly and help keep your drink cold for an extended period. These ice cubes are one of the most used ice cubes at the bar. It is used more because these ice cubes are suitable for shaking and stirring. 

Large Cube

These ice cubes are also known as king cubes and old-fashioned rocks. The size of large cubes is usually measuring 2X2 inches. A large ice cube is a good option to chill your drink quickly. The large ice cube is best for those people who love enjoying drinking slowly. 

Suppose you finish the drink in less than 20 minutes using this type of ice cube in your whiskey. Then it can give you a nice and uniform taste with dilution without getting watery in each sip. However, if you use this ice cube for whiskey, you must finish the drink in less than 20 minutes. 

Crushed Ice

The crushed ice is usually known as pebble ice because it comes from a jellybean and a small-sized sphere. The purpose of using crushed ice in your whiskey is to chill it as fast as possible. This is a perfect addition to any cocktail and whiskey.

The crushed ice and large ice cube are best for whiskey drinkers who love a colder and smoother taste. If you are using crushed ice, you must ensure you don’t stir and shake your drink. Most drinks with crushed ice are not chilled when serving. This is because it takes little time to do the job in the glass.

Most people use crushed ice at home. This is because they don’t haven’t the right equipment to make pebble ice for this type of ice cube at home. No matter if your refrigerator doesn’t possess the function to make crushed ice, you can make it on your own. So instead, you simply take regular ice, cover it with cloth, and whack it with the hard object. After that, your crushed ice is ready to use. 

Ice Sphere

An ice sphere is a spherical piece used for the same purpose as large ice cubes. The ice sphere makes you enjoy whiskey without watering down the taste. They don’t cover much surface area, which means the contact between the ice sphere and whisky is less than others. This way, you can enjoy a chilling drink without compromising on taste.

Half-moon ice

Half-moon ice is a tiny piece of ice used for whiskey drinks. This type of ice is usually made from a circle of ice and then put into half circles. It won’t leave your drink watered because the dilution rate is very low. Also, with this type of ice cube, you will get a better stirring and shaking ability for chilling whiskey.

Collins Spears

The Collins spear is an ice spear used for a unique drink called whiskey. Use an ice spear to chill your drink easily and quickly. And the dilution rate is also slow. As a result, it’s among the best-size whiskey ice cube on the list of best-size ice cubes for whiskey. 

They generally double in size than the large ice cube. But these are specially designed in the shape of a rectangle that easily fits in a highball or Collins glass. This ice cube can give you a nice cold drink without watering it down. 

Freezer Ice

The freezer ice is usually used at home, cost-effectively making the drink chill. There is no bound on using or reaching the freezer ice. Freezer ice is known for effectively chilling your whiskey in a short time. This type of ice’s melting process is usually faster than others. So keep an eye out for cracks or air bubbles because these are responsible for speeding up the melting process. 

Does The Size Of The Ice Cube Matter For Whiskey?

The size of an ice cube matters for whiskey because it influences the taste of your drink. An ice cube can influence the taste of your whiskey, so larger one is usually better than a smaller one. In addition, the large cube will cool the drink faster than a small one. 

It’s bigger and exposed to more surface area, which also affects the taste of whiskey. So for drinking or taking a better taste of whiskey, one may need the best or better ice cube because it is said that better ice for whiskey equals better drinks. 

According to the sense of the human being, two factors may affect the taste of your drink: ice dilution and temperature. The longer your drink is kept at a cold temperature, such as ice, the more it will give you a better taste because ice and its water won’t have much contact with your whiskey. 

The melting speed of ice into whiskey may affect the overall taste of whiskey, so it’s important to select the best size ice cube for whiskey. So never hesitate to use the best-size ice cube for whiskey because that matters a lot when you don’t want to compromise the great taste of whiskey.

Importance Of Best Size Ice Cube For Whiskey

There are many reasons to use better quality and size ice cubes while drinking whiskey. The best quality ice cube can make your drink as cool as it can be without watering down its taste of it. If you have the right type of ice, then you can easily enjoy a chilled drink without compromising taste and health.

Smaller ice cubes can cool whiskey drinks in no time but affect the taste because of the fast melting speed. The ice cubes, which have medium size, cool drink slowly and dilute in whisky slowly too. If you want to enjoy a better tasting of whiskey and ensure maximum chill, try using larger ice cubes because they possess the balance between chilling the drink and diluting the process.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right size and type of ice cube while drinking whiskey is very important. Choosing the right and better ice cube helps you to enjoy a chilled glass of whiskey without watering it down. Now you know the answer to this question what is the best size ice cube for whiskey? There are various types, shapes, and sizes of this ice, but all are important in serving your drink the best way possible.

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