How To Make Ice Balls Without Mold?

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If you have ever enjoyed a whiskey at a lucrative bar or club so you may get small round, shaped ice in the drink. The ice ball is a big round ball and slowly melts more than the cubes, primarily available in the clubs.

The ball shape of the ice is convenient, beautiful, practical, and easy to use. People use ice for various purposes, for example, beverages, mocktails, spirits, and many more. In addition, many people are eager to know how to make ice balls without mold. They can find various kinds of ice molds in the market that have a variety of features, such as:

  • The shape of the cube
  • How many ice cubes does each create
  • Easy to use

An ice mold is a perfect option for a normal person as it is to make these balls at home. People may select between a two-piece plastic and an aluminum mold. 

When to use ice balls?

The ice ball can enhance the taste of any drink after mixing as they freeze it without diluting it too much. It is also great to use these balls in the cream or milk cocktail and iced coffee drinks to keep them cold without adding an excessive amount of water. 

The ball’s average diameter is approximately 2 inches, and it easily fits in wider-rimmed and lowball glasses. Furthermore, add a few ice balls for a quiet pitcher or punch drink. 

5 Tips To Make Ice Balls Without Mold

Water balloon method

The water balloon method is considered the easiest method. This specific option is quick, easy, and cheap. This option is best for those who are not eager to spend more money on molds to make the ice balls. First of all, purchase a water balloon package, and you need a freezer and water as there are some water balloon rounds.

Fill the water balloons

It is crucial to keep the size of a balloon small so that they don’t cover the complete glass. However, suppose you use the ball to cool the cocktail, so keep in mind to use them you should fit them inside the glass as they are big in the size.

 In this situation, use the small balloons as they can easily get into the glass. In addition, the best thing is that several balloons have different qualities, and it is worth trying various balloons for a circular ice aficionado. 

Freeze the balloons

If you want to know how to make ice balls without mold, then consider using balloons. First, put all the balloons on any surface or tray where they can touch each other after that, place them in the freezer. Make sure you keep them in the ice box until they completely become solid. After that, it is important to use a knife or scissors to cut a hole in the balloon. The next step is to unwrap the layer of plastic, and then the left material is great round ice pieces to enjoy any kind of beverage of your choice.

Ice ball press

The ice ball press is a metal or aluminum maker that has the power to break a big sphere of ice into tiny chunks of ice balls. The good thing is that no physical efforts are required to transform the shape of the ice. In addition, people need a number of ice blocks to make more than 30 ice balls just in an hour after rolling them. 

Carved ice ball

It is common to crave ice cubes from frozen ice bricks. This method seems like a craft, and a professional carver can make one attractive ice ball in approximately 8 minutes. However, to perform this task, one should have the expertise to use the right tools for craving and even have lots of patience. 

Using commercial makers

With this method, people can do hassle-free popping and filling water balloons. This method is perfect for those who love flawlessly round ice balls. However, you must fill the balloons in a top-notch quality mold to get the best result. There are numerous kinds of ice makers available in the market, including:

  • Novelty maker: it is mainly designed with spherical ice shaped like a death star and a basketball. 
  • Screw-together maker: it can eliminate the spillage danger but make from plastic.

Plastic ice ball maker

Plastic ice ball molds are much more similar and economical in the cost of a normal ice cube tray. The slandered design of the tray is much similar to a two-part maker, which will fill with water. 

However, you can easily access the single ice ball molds in the market that create at least two and more than six balls at the same time. There are some kinds of a maker in which you must remove all the balls because they freeze, so it may be possible that you will have to clear the complete tray.

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