Why Are Ice Ball Presses So Expensive? 5 Reasons You Should Know

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Nowadays, most all bars use ice ball presses to break the ice and serve it to their customers. When people want to purchase a press machine for their home, they may wonder why are ice ball presses so expensive. The price range of these ice balls is from $100 to $1000, which is very expensive, and a normal householder can’t afford this.

Breaking the ice into very small spheres and appealing chunks and making balls with giant ice spheres, ice ball pressing is one of the best and most creative ways. In addition, this method is considered a unique and fun way to cool the drink. That’s why the ice ball press machines are usually seen in the top-notch bars.

In addition, the machine is made of metal that costs approximately 5 pounds, which is much more costly and needs exactitude in the manufacturing and accurate measurement of the materials. In simple words, more time, money, and also efforts consume to make ice ball presses instead of plastic or silicon ice maker.

What is the technique used to create ice ball presses?

A specific technique is used to make the ice ball presses; it is not a cakewalk. In addition, it is not like other people think it isn’t a fancy maker to create a chunk of ice balls, but it is a machine that immediately cools them.  

People need to know that the ice ball presses use various things that include:

  • High pressure to make rapidly ice sphere 
  • Heat
  • Convection

However, it is not so simple to utilize all of these in a machine; that’s why an ice ball is very costly. 

Best quality materials use

The main two components, stainless steel and copper are used to make the ice ball presses, and these materials are too expensive. 

In addition, luxurious ice ball presses are usually made from copper. Therefore, they are much more costly than ice ball presses made from only stainless steel. 

The reason is that stainless steel is cheaper than copper, as copper releases better heat. Therefore, the price of copper material is much more expensive.  

The manufacturers spend more money on ice ball press molding, cutting, and purchasing these hard and expensive materials to make the ice ball press. 

However, you can also find a cheaper alternative to making the ice ball press, which is a silicone maker, but it is so tough to use them, and they don’t make the idle ice form and require huge time to become solid ice.

The production or Anodization process

One main aspect that makes ice ball presses very costly is their production process. In addition, there is a process named Anodization is used to make the ice ball presses. Most ice ball presses usually have a unique color and metallic sheen to enhance the look of the ice ball press. 

Metals are given a shielding gloss coating from this process that hinder the metal from corrosion because of instant water exposure. 

 But the extra protection coating may add some more bucks to the ice ball press cost. It is also the reason why are ice ball presses so expensive.

The specific functions 

A few ice ball presses are completely mechanical. On the other hand rest of the others needs manual input. That means without putting physical pressure, one can press the big ice sphere into the small particles of the cubes. 

However, several ice ball press types have different specific instructions regarding their functionality. In addition, if the pressing machine has more functions, then the price of that particular machine is high. In short, the price of the machine depends on its functions; the more functions, the rate is more costly.

While cheaper presses machines are manual, that’s why there is a need to use physical force in order to make the small ice balls. Manual ice ball presses are often cheaper than their mechanical counterparts. So it is advisable to consider the mechanical presses for:

  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Restaurants 

 If people want to buy it for their home so they should go for a manual ice ball press instead of ice ball presses.

Target industries of Manufacturers 

The manufacturers of ice ball presses usually consider the commercial business, for example, clubs and restaurants, as their target market instead of homemakers. This is why most manufacturers make expensive ice ball presses. 

In addition, the ice ball presses require being more durable in order to handle quick use as they are used frequently. The cost of an ice ball press is approx $500 or more. 

However, due to the more customers are commercial businesses, not individuals, the costs are partly. Therefore, it is beneficial for businesses as they generate significant revenue but not fruitful for households.

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