How To Defrost Samsung Ice Maker

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Samsung Ice Maker, defrost? Why would you need to defrost your ice maker? If you want to clean it or remove stuck ice cubes from the basket. There’s an easy way to defrost a Samsung ice maker, no matter the reason. Follow the steps below to get started:

How To Force Defrost Samsung Ice Maker

Some Samsung Ice Makers have an option that allows you to force the machine to thaw the ice. To find out if your ice maker can do a force defrost, check the user manual or follow the instructions below:

  • Press And Hold Refrigerator And Energy Saver Button
  • Check That Your Refrigerator In Test Mode
  • Now, press Any Button
  • Choose the Fd (Force Defrost) Option
  • Disconnect Your Refrigerator From Power Source
  • Clean And Dry Your Ice Maker

Video – Samsung Ice Maker Defrost Guide

Method 2 – Reset Your Ice Maker

When you reset your ice maker, it starts defrosting. To reset your Samsung Ice Maker, remove the ice bucket and look for the test button.

Press and hold it until you hear a chime. After the chime, the ice maker will start the test cycle. The cycle lasts for a few minutes and repeats a few times before completion.

Place the ice bucket in the ice maker to drop any ice stuck inside into the bucket. Once the final test cycle completes, you should hear another chime.

Things To Note

Your Samsung freezer may start icing up due to humidity. For example, when you open the door often or when the door seal malfunctions. Air enters the refrigerator, and the moisture in that air causes it to freeze up.

A Samsung Ice maker takes 4 to 6 hours to defrost manually. But, If you force defrosts the ice maker, it takes 40 to 60 minutes to defrost. A manual defrost means that you unplug the appliance and let it thaw naturally.

Not all Samsung refrigerators have a defrost button. But, most allow you to start a manual defrost when pressing and holding the refrigerator and energy saver button for 8-10 seconds.

The Bottom Line

Defrosting your Samsung Ice Maker may seem like a difficult task. However, the best ice makers have a feature to melt or thaw ice or frozen parts. If you follow the steps above on how to to thaw your Samsung Ice Maker, you’ll have no problems.

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